Harvesting-milling-conservation methods

Challenging, Painstaking, Traditional, Innovative. These four words describe the complete procedure for creating an ultra premium olive oil.

Because our olive trees grow in a rocky, mountainous area, the use of heavy machinery is impossible. Harvesting is done by hand, climbing up into the trees and using electric sticks to carefully shake the branches. To catch the fruit when it is light green, before it starts to turn purple, this procedure starts in the start of October. It lasts about four weeks, until all the fruit is harvested.

Milling is done on the day of the harvest, at low temperatures (under 26 C).We put out the pit before malaxing so that we will take only the best from each fruit.It lasts for a maximum of 30 minutes for each batch of olives and while malaxing we use inert Argon gas so that we dont have any oxygen affecting the quality and to ensure that the olive oil will keep all its aromas and valuable phenols.. We lose quantity this way, but we gain an extraordinary quality.

After milling, we store our olive oils at controlled temperatures in stainless steel tanks away from sunlight. We fill the tanks with argon gas, an inert gas approved for use with food, to be sure the olive oil will keep the characteristics it had on its first day for as long as possible.