Health benefits

health benefits of olive oil

Chemical analysis
Due to chemical analysis , of the department of pharmacy, pharmacognosy & natural products chemistry of National University of Athens at March of 2015 ,the evaluation of both, our olive juice show some impressive results.
Oleocanthal and Oleacein
The levels of Oleocanthal and Oleacein present in, “Pamako Monovarietal’’ & “Pamako blend” ,are higher than the average values of international university studies till now performed. It should be noted that Oleocanthal and Oleacein present important biological activity and they have been related with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective and neuroprotective activity. Also due to European regulation 432/2012,standards, the hydroxytyrosol derivatives that “Pamako” has, is over than 5mg/20gr olive juice. Such a result leads that a daily consumption of 20gr of “Pamako” protects the blood lipids from oxidative stress.
Maintain characteristics
For maintain all this characteristics we use dark bottles with a mirrorized, out layer, film so that the light cant effect this quality and for keeping these aromas well preserved we cap our bottle using the best quality natural cork with a wooden finish.